State of Missouri LLC: Missouri Limited Liability Company Law Summary Provisions

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Missouri LLC Name Requirements:
  Every state of Missouri LLC requires a name that meets Missouri LLC name requirements. The Missouri limited liability company name must contain the words "limited company" or "limited liability company" or the abbreviation L.C., LC, L.L.C. or LLC.   The name cannot contain the words "corporation" "incorporated" "limited partnership" or "ltd.". The name must be distinguishable from the name of any active domestic or foreign LLC, corporation or partnership filed with the state.

Registered Agent for a Missouri LLC:  When you form a Missouri LLC, the Missouri Limited Liability Company Act mandates that every Missouri limited liability company must appoint and maintain a registered agent.  This is the official person or entity located in Missouri to accept legal papers and other important documents delivered to your LLC. Make sure there is a person available at the registered office during business hours to be able to accept deliveries on a regular basis. 

Missouri LLC Members: A Member is an owner of an LLC. A Missouri limited liability company can only have 1 Member or it can have as many members as desired by the company.  There are no restrictions on who can be a Member of a state of Missouri LLC.  So, any individual, corporation, trust, partnership or another LLC may be an owner (Member) of an LLC.  A Member does not have to be a resident of Missouri or even of the US.

Missouri LLC Operating Agreement:    Unlike other states, Missouri law requires that Members adopt a written Operating Agreement soon after starting an LLC in Missouri. This is a good rule because an Operating Agreement is the most important document for an LLC.  This document evidences the owners of the LLC and provides a personality for the business as it contains the standard rules, requirements and processes for managing a Missouri limited liability company.


Management:  A Missouri LLC has the choice of two general operation structures: member managed or manager managed.  A member managed structure is the simplest of the two and every member has operational authority to manage and operate the business.  You can impose internal rules for approvals and conditions in the LLC Operating Agreement. With a manager managed structure, the members vote to elect managers to operate the business.  This structure is similar to a corporate structure where there is a Board of Directors.  Management structure is typically established and detailed in the LLC Operating Agreement.

Business Purpose:  Starting an LLC in Missouri can be for any lawful purpose.  There are no restrictions under the Missouri LLC Act restricting the type of business activity an LLC may engage in. In addition, the business purpose of starting the Missouri LLC is not required to be set forth in the formation documents.   

The Missouri LLC is a powerful and beneficial legal entity for small business.  However, it is essential that your LLC is formed properly in strict accordance with Missouri LLC state requirements. 

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